Terms and Conditions-AMA

Use and disclosure of personal information

Personal information collected by Alice Springs Malayalee Association(AMA) is handled in accordance with the Privacy and Data Protection Act 2014 (Vic).

Any reference on this page to personal information includes both personal and private information, as defined in the Acts.

Alice Springs Malayalee Association (AMA) may collect personal information:

  • automatically when you’re using our website/login attempts
  • during specific interactions with you (e.g. when logging in, other activities on website including completing a survey, registering for events etc.).

We use and disclose personal information to perform our core functions of participation and service to the community, and to help us provide the services that support these functions. All information including photographs collected from members will be kept very confidential and will only be used for internal use.

Your privacy is important to us, so each time you communicate with Alice Springs Malayalee Association (AMA), you can request a statement that explains how personal information for that interaction will be managed.

In addition to the above purposes, we may also use personal information where an individual has consented to one or more specific purposes, or as necessary for compliance with our legal obligations, or otherwise for a legitimate purpose that is not overridden by the individual’s fundamental rights and freedoms.

Access to information by third parties

Alice Springs Malayalee Association (AMA) does not provide personal information about its members to third parties unless we’re satisfied that:

  1. the disclosure is authorised under relevant privacy legislation/consent
  2. the associated member has given their consent
  3. it is required by law to disclose information.

If privacy legislation authorises Alice Springs Malayalee Association (AMA) to disclose information, we will assess the request on a case-by-case basis and will use our discretion to determine whether to disclose information. Alice Springs Malayalee Association (AMA) is not legally obligated to disclose personal information when authorised to do so.

Alice Springs Malayalee association (AMA)will only disclose personal information as per the guidance below:

Law enforcement agencies:

Information Privacy Principle 2.2(g) of the Privacy and Data Protection Act 2014 and Health Privacy Principle 2.2(j) of the Health Records Act 2001 set out the circumstances in which AMA is authorised to disclose personal information to law enforcement agencies when requested.

Requests from law enforcement agencies must:

  • be in writing on the agency’s letterhead dated and signed by authorised person
  • should contain the agency’s name, address, contact details and be sent from an email address directly linked to the agency (if sent by email)
  • be specific what information is required and why it is required so that Alice Springs Malayalee Association (AMA) can be reasonably satisfied that the information is reasonably required by the law enforcement agency, such as police/court.
  • be directed to Alice Springs Malayalee Association (AMA) email(malayalee.asp@gmail.com)


If you believe that Alice Springs Malayalee Association (AMA) has engaged in an act, which constitutes an interference with your privacy, you can make a complaint to the Executive committee. Complaints must be made within six months of the time that the complainant first became aware of the alleged breach.

A complaint should contain full details of how the individual believes their privacy has been breached, including a thorough description, with names and dates if known and any other matters related to it. Details of the complaint will be disclosed to the relevant operational unit of Alice Springs Malayalee Association (AMA) and/or persons named in the complaint, so that it can be investigated and handled fairly. Details may also be disclosed to others that Alice Springs Malayalee Association (AMA) believes has information relevant to the complaint. Complaints from individuals who are not a member will be investigated and managed pursuant to Alice Springs Malayalee Association (AMA’s) Privacy Policy.

Complaints should be directed as follows: