Privacy Policy-AMA

Privacy Policy:

Thank you for Visiting . We respect and protect the privacy of users with our high security online safeguard protection system and this policy explains how we collect your personal information and how it is managed and used. We do not necessarily collect personal information when you visit our site, it is generally collected when you register for event, make contacts with AMA thorough our website, sign up for membership or other online services.


The purpose of this website is to provide trusted information on what happens with in Alice Springs Malayalee Association (AMA)-upcoming events, to have members access to promotions/discounts when available, members’ online portal, access to each event, online payment options, how to contact AMA to the members.

What information we collect and save/hold:

The kind of information we usually collect is generally including:

  • Personal contact information such as full name (given name and last name), email address, current postal address and phone number.
  • Your spouse name and children’s name and age (applicable only to family)
  • Your overseas address and the local area and emergency contact
  • Photograph uploaded

Personal information collected by Alice Springs Malayalee Association(AMA) is handled in accordance with the Privacy and Data Protection Act 2014 (Vic). Any reference on this page to personal information includes both personal and private information, as defined in the Acts.

We do not disclose any personal information to third party for any purpose unrelated to AMA’s services that you would not reasonably expect (except with your consent). We would only use personal information for the primary use/intentions it was initially collected.

Personal information and Data of Children:

AMA does not wish to collect Personal Information such as date of birth or other data on children below the age of 14 years. Where necessary, AMA will direct the child not to send any Personal Information to AMA. Should parents or other legal guardians discover that the children under their supervision have disclosed Personal Information to AMA, we request that they contact us at We shall then arrange for the deletion of these data without delay.