Dance Initiative(Naatyam)

Naatyam is a short term project to train the children in Alice Springs under the age of 15 with two South Indian dance forms ‘Margamkali’ and ‘Thiruvathira’

The main aim and objective of this initiative is to preserve our culture and heritage through generations and demonstrate these values to the local community through community participation and presentations.

The project will be announced through social media inviting participation from the wider Alice Springs community who are interested.

Alice Springs has a large number of South Indian Community since last five to ten years. Unlike metro cities, there is limited exposure for our children to learn our traditional dance forms due to the lack of experienced trainers. Still the community has tried to nurture these traditions and display it during various community events. Following the request from the local community members Alice Springs Malayalee Association has decided to organize training of these dance forms with the support from the experienced persons.

The training program gives us an opportunity to demonstrate the culture of South India. There will be opportunity for the children from other local communities to join and share our values and culture.